Four Ways to Balance the Holidays with End-of-life Needs

End-of-Life Care in Decatur GA: Four Ways to Balance the Holidays with End-of-life Needs

The holidays are a chaotic time for so many people. If your family member is nearing the end of her life, this time of year can feel even more harried. Here are some suggestions for making the most of the time that you have left with your family member and balancing the demands of the holiday with her needs.

Keep the Reality of What’s Going on in Mind

It’s easy to try to forget what’s going on with your aging family member right now. There’s so much that demands your attention, especially if you have a large family. Everyone wants to be happy right now and to just have the same type of holiday that you always have. But that may not be feasible with your senior’s situation.

Traditions May Need to Take a Back Seat

End-of-Life Care in Decatur GA: Four Ways to Balance the Holidays with End-of-life Needs
End-of-Life Care in Decatur GA: Four Ways to Balance the Holidays with End-of-life Needs

Some of the traditions that you’ve always leaned on in the past may not be feasible right now. That can feel as if everyone has to give up something really important and joyful for something that is also important, but sad. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Get Creative

When you get a little more creative and start to think outside the box a bit, you might be able to modify some of your family’s traditions. This can give everyone the taste of traditions that you’ve always embraced in the past, but accommodates your senior and includes her in the holiday season. Talk to your elderly family member about what she wants to see and to experience and then do what you can to make that happen for her.

Make Some Space for Yourself

The holidays take a toll on everyone, no matter how enjoyable they are. Caregiving for someone who is nearing the end of her life also takes a toll on you. You’re going to need to be careful about how you treat yourself right now. The holidays are a little different for all of you and you’re experiencing some big changes. Having end-of-life care providers available who can give you respite time is a true gift to yourself that you need to take advantage of whenever possible.

This is bound to be a difficult time for you and for your entire family. How you handle this can make the holidays a little easier next year, though, because you’re going to focus on making memories that you all want to remember. That can be a fantastic way to honor your senior if she’s not with you next year.

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