Four Tips for Making Decisions at the End of Your Senior’s Life

Four Tips for Making Decisions at the End of Your Senior’s Life

If you’re in a situation where your elderly family member is not able to communicate her end-of-life wishes as clearly as you would like, you’re in a difficult predicament. You may feel as if you’re stuck, with no real way to know what the right solution is. Relying on the information you do have can be an important part of getting to the right answer.

Rely on Past Conversations, if Possible

Think back to times you and your senior might have talked about this stage of her life. If you can remember even fragments of what she shared with you then, you may be able to extrapolate bigger answers now. You might also think about what she might have said about relatives and friends near the ends of their own lives.

Think about What Was Important to Her

When you can’t outright ask your senior what she wants, that can be extremely frustrating. One solution might be to sit and think about what was important to your senior throughout her life. What were the values that shaped her life? It can help also to talk to other family members about what they know to be true about what was important to your senior.

Determine How Current Treatments Will Affect Your Senior

Talk to your senior’s doctor about the treatments she’s currently receiving. Are those treatments working for her or are they causing side effects that are problematic for her? Sometimes treatments, particularly those designed to be curative, are not what your senior would want because of the discomfort or other side effects.

Assess How Accurate Signs of Improvement Are

There are going to be times when your senior’s health improves. It might even improve dramatically, causing you and other family members to get your hopes up. You need to talk to your senior’s doctor about how realistic and accurate those signs of improvement truly are. When you are prepared for the possibility that her symptoms may improve and then get worse again, it’s not such a shock to your system. You can also help to prepare other family members.

Part of being your senior’s caregiver at the end of her life is knowing that you really do know what to do for her. End-of-life care providers can help you to find the resources that you need to make sure she’s got the care that she needs and wants during this stage of her life.

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