Four Ways Hospice Can Help with Pain

Hospice Elder Care in Decatur GA

Your senior might be ready to abandon curative therapies for her health issues, but that doesn’t mean that pain goes away. In fact, pain could now be the primary issue for her on any given day. Having the right help can make all the difference for your elderly family member when it comes to managing her pain effectively.

They Work Closely with Your Senior’s Doctors

Hospice offers a way to have a single point of contact between yourself and your senior’s doctors. Depending on her health issues, she may have an entire team of doctors, all of which might recommend something slightly different. Instead of forcing you to get information from all of them, hospice offers a way to connect all of those dots for you, allowing you to focus on what’s necessary right now.

Hospice Can Help Assess Pain Levels

You might realize that your elderly family member is in pain, but it can be difficult to know how much pain she’s in. Having an accurate assessment of pain allows your senior’s medical team to offer viable options that will actually benefit her. Experienced hospice providers are able to give you a more accurate idea how severe your senior’s pain might really be. Gauging pain levels is not easy to do and the last thing you want is for your senior to suffer in pain when it could be alleviated.

They Can Offer Pain Management Techniques

There’s so much more to managing pain than just medication. Hospice providers can show you and other family members how to use a variety of techniques to help your senior to be as comfortable as possible. They can also help you to understand what different pain responses from your senior look like and how you can most effectively respond to them.

They Can Help Put a Full Plan Together

With a full pain management plan, you can cover as many bases as possible for your senior. There’s no way to have an answer for everything, of course, but you can certainly make a plan that is as comprehensive as possible for now.

Hospice care providers understand just how difficult it is for you and other family members to see your senior in pain. They can help more than you might think with managing that pain, which can greatly improve your elderly family member’s quality of life no matter how long she has left.

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