How Do You Make Decisions When You Don’t Know What Your Senior Wants?

How Do You Make Decisions When You Don't Know What Your Senior Wants?

There may be a point near the end of your family member’s life when you may need to make decisions you haven’t discussed with her before. This can be incredibly stressful for you as her caregiver and you might be worried that you’ll make the wrong choice.

Is She Comfortable?

One of your biggest concerns, especially if your elderly family member can’t communicate with you, is whether she’s comfortable. Ideally, you should be able to ensure that she’s not in pain and that she’s as free of other discomfort as she can possibly be. This is a big goal of hospice care and one that they can work with you on in a variety of ways.

What Has She Mentioned about Her Care in the Past?

You might need to think back to some of the conversations you’ve had with your aging adult in the past. What did she talk about in reference to her future care or to how someone else’s care was going? Those conversations can give you some big clues about what she might want now from her care.

What Does Her Medical Team Expect for Her in the Near Future?

Your senior’s medical team may not be able to offer any magical cures, but they can give you an idea what to expect in the near future in terms of her health. They can help you to assess a variety of treatments, both palliative and curative, and determine which ones will actually benefit your family member. In some cases, you may find that certain treatments are less likely to keep her comfortable and might not be the best fit.

Do Your Decisions Mesh with What You Know about Your Family Member?

Keep in mind what you know about your family member as a person. Even if you feel as if you don’t know what she would want in a sudden health situation, like a sudden , you likely know more than you think. Allow your intuition and your heart to lead your decisions and make sure you’re as educated as possible. When you’re working with all of the information you can get, you’re more likely to make decisions that feel right to you.

Making these kinds of decisions is extremely difficult and you might find it wearing on you. Hospice care services can put you in touch with resources that can help you. Take advantage of all of the assistance that they can provide for you as you go through these steps.

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