Why Is Your Senior So Uncomfortable as She Nears the End of Her Life?

End-of-Life Care in Atlanta GA

It’s so difficult to see your senior in pain and discomfort at the end of her life. Understanding what’s going on can help, as can getting assistance from end-of-life care services.

Pain Becomes More Pronounced

Pain may have been something that your elderly family member has dealt with for a long time. As she nears the end of her life, though, she may experience pain that is more severe than the pain she’s experienced in the past. Even if she’s not able to articulate her pain, you can often see how uncomfortable it makes her.

She May Have More Trouble Breathing

Breathing issues also become more pronounced as your senior nears the end of her life. She may get some relief from changing positions, but this is often a problem that continues to become worse for her. Checking the humidity levels in the room can help. Dry air is difficult to breathe, but air that is too humid is also difficult. You may want to remind family members to avoid heavy perfumes when they visit as well.

Digestive Issues Begin

Your senior’s body begins to shut down as she gets closer to passing away. When that happens, her digestive system becomes less functional, too. She may complain of intestinal pain or stomach pain. Or, if she’s not able to speak to you, she might make noises indicating her discomfort.

She Has Trouble Regulating Her Temperature

As with other body systems, your senior’s temperature regulation and sensitivity might seem to be all over the map. Her skin may also become irritated easily, or feel itchy to her. Keeping her warm or cool as needed can be as simple as circulating fresh air and keeping a blanket at the ready.

She May Become Fatigued Easily

Your elderly family member is likely to get worn down easily, too. She’s certainly not engaging in high-energy activities any longer, but even staying awake for visits with family members can be difficult. She may be drifting in and out of consciousness very often, making it difficult to keep her acclimated to the current day and time.

There are things you can do to help your senior during this time. End-of-life care providers can do so much to help your senior and you to understand what will be the most helpful for her. When the situation is difficult for you emotionally, they can still be there to help her.

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